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 At this stage I do not have a date for my next  auction sale but there is a good prospect of one outstanding collection of quality user tools coming up. What's left of the recently listed tools will be included in the next sale. Please understand that I only do this as a favour for my customers. I'm no longer buying and selling myself. Instead I have gone back to my old calling.... writing.

These are my two new books for 2017. I used a pen name for Fish from the Sky - I felt that writing a WW2 story under my name kind of put me in the wrong camp.


Vintage Stanley Tools

This guide is based on the Stanley Catalogue No 120 from 1923. We chose it because it was the first major catalogue of the combined Stanley Works. We added colour pictures, market values and other useful information.

150 pages, perfect bound.

Delivery to Australia will take a while, this is hot of the press!

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Fish from the Sky

This amazing story of survival, love and escape is based on true events in WW2.

In the night of the Great Escape, March 24, 1944 German night fighter ace Heinz Roekker shoots down RAF Lancaster DS664 on the home journey from a Berlin bombing raid. Newly wed rear gunner James Marshall miraculously survives. He is taken prisoner in Stalag Luft. His wife Abbie is determined to get him out of Nazi Germany against all the odds.