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If you have problems with my email link above please copy and paste hansbrunnertools@gmail.com   
Auction bids can be sent in any time by email, phone or letter. I will not disclose your bids - I simply enter them in my bid sheet with your bidder number. At the end of the sale the highest bidder number gets the item. If the same bid is received for a lot,  the first one in is the winner with one dollar added to clear the bid. All auction results will be published on this site. Unsold lots are passed in at the reserve equal to the lower estimate
Auction purchases are invoiced after the event. Postage and handling is charged extra. I accept direct deposit & paypal as well as Australian money orders and cheques.  Overseas buyers paypal only. I do not accept paypal payments by e-cheque. If you use paypal with a bank account only (e-cheque) you might as well direct deposit. Paypal is the merchant facility I use for all credit card payments.  Please wait with payment until I confirm your order with an invoice.
Contact Details

Hans Brunner
3 Pioneer Street
Laidley Qld 4341


phone   0421 234645

            07 54653481






Need help selling your tools ...?

Conditions of Sale  

   Goods listed are in Australian dollars.  Pre-payment is required for all goods.

 I  don't mind holding goods for whatever reasons, once they are paid for. I will hold unpaid goods for 14 days - unless other arrangements are made.   Once the goods are paid they become the legal property of the buyer.  I take all possible care for appropriate storage but I will not be held responsible for any damage or loss caused through no fault of mine. In case of loss or damage the owner of the tools expressly grants me indemnity from any compensation claims. The indemnity clause applies to all goods in my care including consignment goods, prepaid goods on hold and paid goods awaiting delivery. Collectable tools are virtually impossible to insure, for buyers and sellers alike.

I ship parcels within 3 working days of payment, Tuesday - Friday. Please note that once I deliver the parcel to Australia Post it becomes the sole responsibility of the buyer. I won't be held responsible for late deliveries, non deliveries or goods damaged during delivery. I do not automatically insure parcels, it's up to the buyer to ask for insurance. I register Australian parcels with a value of $ 300 or more. In many years of trading I must have mailed out thousands of parcels. As far as I know, only one didn't make it. However, I have lost several items sent to me by sellers - due to poor packing or poor postal services.

Return Policy: The short form: Talk to me and we'll sort it out!

The legal form:   Auction goods  that don't live up to my description can be returned for a refund at my discretion as long as you  let me  know immediately. If we can't come to an agreement like price reduction or exchange I'll take the tool back for a refund of the initial purchase price. This only applies to returns where my description was not accurate or where there was an obvious fault in the material and the tool is returned in the same condition it was sold.  I reserve the right to reject returns for any other reasons.  I do not refund postage - unless I sent you the wrong item or the conditions mentioned above apply. Please note that I sell  used tools. That means they  show wear and tear. They are priced accordingly. I will list what I consider major problems, especially if they affect the use of the tool, but there is no way I can list every little flaw caused by normal wear and tear. That includes owner's marks if not excessive, slack in adjuster mechanism, minor discolouration, minor bruising or any other minor issue that doesn't interfere with the use of the tool. What you buy from me is a used tool in used condition and I won't accept returns if this becomes an issue. I never refused to take a tool back but I reserve the right to do so if I feel the buyer is unreasonable in his expectations or simply ordered the tool to check it out. If my description was accurate I will not automatically refund the purchase price. Instead  I will re-list the tool at the initial purchase price and refund the buyer after the tool has been sold. In this instance I'll charge a re-listing fee of 10%.