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Stanley Parts


 before you grow desperate enough to buy from Ali Baba.... do your homework and compare..

Good reproduction parts are available at St James Bay Tool Co site here

This eBay USA seller is my favourite parts supplier with a grip on reality  New Hampshire Plane Parts click here

if you search plane parts you'll find scores more

I sell the odd part myself on eBay Australia with the user name underthedirt - click here

           if you need a few screws or bolts for bench planes, i.e. frog screws, handle bolts and screws, frog adjuster screws etc.... I might be able to help you out. I usually charge $ 1 for a screw or bolt plus postage of $ 1.20 - 3.00 in Australia or around $ 6 overseas. This option is only available for parts with a total weight under 500 grams and not thicker than 20mm  i.e. they can be sent as a large letter. For any other parts like frogs, brass adjuster screw etc. postage up to 500 grams is $ 7.00 Australia wide or $ 14 over 500 grams to 3kg . I won't list individual parts any more - other than on eBay.au

If your restoration project is a bench plane # 3-7 you should contemplate a Sunday outing to a flea market. Given the ridiculous prices some dealers want for their parts plus shipping it might be a lot cheaper to simply buy another parts plane to complete the one you really like.  There is one Australian site who sells a lot of Stanley parts but their prices are way too high for my liking. You should have no problems finding most parts for Stanley planes on eBay USA for less

making parts yourself

    It is not easy to find  taps and dies that match the ones Stanley used. I could not find any Stanley production reports but Record published theirs and because they copied everything Stanley down to the last little detail I'm pretty confident that all these sizes are correct for Stanley planes as well. I believe that only the 5/16" 18tpi BSW is readily available, all the other taps and dies are next to impossible to find in Australia and hard to get in the USA as well, i.e.  special orders. 

Back Iron screw :    5/16" 18tpi BSW
Frog screws :           7/32" 20tpi Whitworth
Handle & Knob bolts : 7/32" 20tpi Whitworth
Handle Toe screw :      7/32" 20tpi Whitworth
Frog Adjusting Plate screw :     7/32" 24tpi Whitworth
Frog Adjusting screw :     1/4" 24tpi American/Unified
Brass Adjusting nut :   9/32" 24tpi American/Unified LEFT HAND THREAD
Lever Cap screw :     9/32" 24tpi American/Unified