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Stanley 112 cabinet scraper plane

offered 1885 - 1943

9"  long with  a 2 7/8" cutter

Integrates a scraper with a plane for a fine finish on cabinetwork and veneer. Some users prefer to sharpen the blade with a bevel -see instructions- others cut it dead straight so that the leading edge does the work. It takes a bit of practice to find the correct angle for the job.

Type 1 has a beaded front knob Bailey's Pat 1858 on the  brass cap screw in front. Subsequent models have the Stanley Rule and Level Co embossed along the edges of the brass screw. Some planes will have the number 112 or S and B cast into the bed but others have absolutely no markings at all.

Cutters with Stanley markings are a plus. Toothing irons for veneer work were available for this scraper plane. They are usually marked 22, 28 or 32 to indicate tpi (teeth per inch)

Problems: Make sure the plane has two brass adjuster nuts at the back. The rear one is often missing and you'll find that it is almost impossible to replace. No other Stanley nut seems to fit. To fix the problem my mate tapped a brass depth adjuster screw from a 9 1/2. After much fiddling around he found a metric tap close enough. The soft brass will easily adapt to the the Stanley thread. The stand-in looks reasonably close but more importantly, it works!