Stanley planes by numbers 2

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Stanley 2 smoothing plane  

offered 1867 - 1984

ca 7" long with  a 1 5/8" cutter  

last model is 8" long


I once sold one of these planes to an older gentleman who happened to be in a woodworker's club. He didn't really like the small size but his arthritis made it hard to push a bigger plane. It must have worked because I received several more orders from members of his club. Most planes will have the model number in front but no other markings in the bed. This plane has no frog adjuster screw.

1910 model with low profile knob in box.

Stanley 2C  The C after the model number indicates a plane with a corrugated sole. The grooves are meant to reduce friction on sticky woods. C models are quite scarce in Australia and  sell for up to 50% more than the normal flat soled planes. Beware of custom made grooves in the more valuable planes. Grooves should be even and look factory made 

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