Stanley planes by numbers 51 & 52

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Stanley 51 & 52 shoot (chute) board and plane

offered 1909 - 1943

The number 51 was given to the plane, the No 52 was assigned to the complete unit of plane and board.

Problem areas:  FROG. Never buy one of these planes without a thorough inspection of the frog.  The frog perches on a ledge, secured with two small screws. This weakness, combined with the widespread use and abuse of this tool in schools resulted in a large number of damaged frogs. My guesstimate is around 30%. No matter what the seller tells you, the frog has to be secured with two small screws as shown in the picture . No rivets, no bolts and nuts, no welds and no other fancy engineering contraptions.

The cast iron board is large and heavy and damage along the sides is quite common. The hold down is frequently missing, so is the T-pin or the similar looking large screw that secures the back stop.