Stanley planes by numbers 9 1/4  -  9 1/2  -  9 3/4

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Stanley 9 1/4 block plane

offered 1947 - 1982

6" long with  a 1 5/8" cutter

Non-adjustable throat, otherwise the same as 9 1/2 Stanley's numbering system for block planes is quite confusing with extra numbers allocated for the same plane with different finish or an extra inch in length.

Basic types are adjustable and non-adjustable block planes. There are 3 types of adjusting mechanism: depth, lateral and throat. A good all-round block plane will offer all three.

 9   1/2

Stanley 9 1/2 block plane

offered 1872 - 1981

6" long with  a 1 5/8" cutter

Versatile general purpose block plane with adjustable throat, depth - and lateral cutter adjustment. I would call this Stanley's basic block plane models, most of the others are variations in length or finish. Early models don't have the eccentric lever for the throat closing mechanism. The plate is secured by tightening the front knob. They used to by quite rare and fetched premium prices. The internet  has flushed them out in huge numbers and they have actually dropped in value bellow the later types with the "modern" front adjustment. Still scarce are the very early model with the fancy lever caps. Most models are black japanned bat later types can have a Stanley blue or Stanley burgundy finish.


9 3/4

Stanley 9 3/4 block plane

offered 1872 - 1935

6" long with  a 1 5/8" cutter and ball handle

A 9 1/2 with a rear handle. The cast iron handle is fixed in place with a flat star-shaped screw on the rear vertical adjuster post. It can easily be taken off and attached to any other plane (except for the very early ones, they seem to have a slightly different diameter) Pretty useful if you have a bad plane with a good handle. A number of reproduction handles are on the market, including my own. They are quite easy to spot by their finish. The rosewood ball is threaded inside and can be sourced from a 45 fence.