Stanley planes by numbers 5 1/4

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Stanley 5 1/4 junior jack plane 

offered 1921 - 1983

11 1/2" long with  a 1 3/4" cutter  

This is the narrow version of the No 5, originally targeted for tech schools. It's basically the longer version of the # 3 plane, the parts are interchangeable. It used to be a scarce plane down under but eBay has made it available everywhere. Don't be tempted to import one of the cheap, late versions with the yellow background to the Stanley name in the lever cap and the varnished hardwood. Nobody wants them. Remember that some scrupulous dealers will swap lever caps with the straight keyhole to make the plane look older. SW vintage planes are the most desirable.


Stanley household jack plane. This SW vintage 5 1/4 sized plane was manufactured from 1923-1930 as part of the cheaper Four-Square series.  Marked Stanley on front and on lever cap. One of the very few Stanley planes that never had a number. Note that the bed is not japanned. The black paint finish is often in poor condition.